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​- Learn the secret of neuroscience and biology to achieve the impossible!

Elite performers are always looking for the next edge to improve their performance and finding the x-factor. The defining 2% is what it takes to be ahead in sport.

Being a top performer in any sport is both a physical and a mental challenge that can lead to repeated injuries, lack of motivation, mental stress, fatigue and burnout.

Most athletes “stack” the physical focus with even more training combined with the latest information on new training techniques, recovery treatments, nutrition, sleep, hydration and supplements.

However less or no focus is placed on the mental potential as a key element in performance optimization.æ​

How the Flow State Helps Athletes Perform at their best.

FLOWis the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. In essence it is characterized by a complete absorption in what one does, and makes performance effortless.

With this information we can begin to understand our individual best performance potential from our neurochemistry and genetic composure.

This enables us to achieve the impossible with even less effort.​

“If we are all different, why do we keep approaching everyone the same way?”

​The winners process

We all possess a unique string of code on exactly how our body responds to physical and mental pressure, how well and fast we recover, injuries in different ways, oxidative stress, optimized performance and endurance that all shows in the dispositions and choices we make. And the result will be more obstacles than expected if we do not perceive them right. 

The physical and psychic influence of these processes put together will allow you to optimize your performance – without overload or a burnout. In short – let your engine and chassis get a F1 tune up!!

If you would like to hear more about your gain with a total optimization – the secret weapon of tomorrows game-changers! Get an insight of what other top performers already have achieved with this insight, write an email at and get a free clarifying call.​

Dorthe Hummel

Has helped and guided business leaders and sports athletes in nutrition and health for more than 25 years. Using the results of neuroscience, world of psychology and physics, lifestyle habits in combination with sports and functional nutrition and mental training – has gained more efficient changes and results in maximizing performances. 

Her passion is to understand the importance of how to get the body and mind to perform in perfect combination, and how to transform and implement it into the ambitious performer.

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​How to achieve the impossible from the latest science on Peak Performance.

Gain the extra 2% that will help you feel better, stronger and sharper, enabling you to perform at your best when its needed most, in training and competition.

Get the secret weapon of tomorrows game-changers today!

This talk is available in Danish and English.

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Who i work with...

Hjalte Froholdt - NFL Cleveland Browns

Læs denne artikel fra TV2 sport

Niclas Larsen World champion Thaiboxer

“Dorthe helped me be aware of things I would not normally think of in terms of nutrition and recovery, and have made an exact plan for my needs for my goals. She is unique in her field, and I am proud to have her along towards my dreams. She taught me the benefit of FLOW for my sport and in private life”

Michelle Vesterby - Pro tri-athlet

“Dorthe is a huge inspiration and made me think of my actions. There is always a good reason to look into the built in habits and see the opportunities to become an even better version”

These programs are offered for high performers in sport at any level for individuals and teams.

​Your plan will be customized for your needs and ambitions. I offer these programs for high performers in both business and sport at any level, as long as the need for improvement is present and the willingness to do the work.

For most clients I will do some tests to get a bigger picture and understanding of the biology, biochemistry and physiology. And with the data be able to design a personalized nutrition, supplemental, training and mental work plan.

​I believe (and know) that it is possible to achieve great performance and excellent results fare beyond expectations – but you will need to know exactly what the body and mind requires.

Price depend of the need and extend of period. We will have a clarifying conversation prior to find the optimal solution for you.

Feel free to write to and book a free call.

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