Do you want to be the best ?

Do you want improved performance, less injuries, better recovery, a consistent high level, a prolonged career and more success?

​The biggest advantage in sport is to maximize your full potential

The greatest analytic is the optimization of the human mind in connection with the body for peak performance.

Elite performers are always looking for the next edge to improve their performance and finding the x-factor. The defining 2% is what it takes to be ahead in sport.

Being a top performer in any sport is both a physical and a mental challenge if unaddressed equally. An untrained mind, like an untrained body, can lead to repeated injuries, lack of motivation, mental stress, fatigue and burnout.​ 

Did you know that there is a profound connection between the mind and body that will affect athletic performance. Neurochemicals are released from the brain and the body that will affect sleep, recovery, and inflammation.

In addition there will be consequences for concentration levels, mental focus and awareness, decision making under pressure and fatigue.

However we all have the ability to be in control of our own neurochemistrybecause there is a specific algorithm for every individual.

"Most athletes are not doing the necessary individual testing to enable them to become great"

- Dorthe Hummel

The winners process

We all possess a unique string of code on exactly how our body responds to physical and mental pressure, how well and fast we recover, injuries in different ways, oxidative stress, optimized performance and endurance that all shows in the dispositions and choices we make.

A fatigued mind can only lead to a fatigued body.

In order to truly maximize athletic performance, a deeper level of understanding is required, if you aren't always asking why, rather than what, you will never be able to truly perform at your peak. 

Expressions such as “strong mentality or mental toughness” are concepts completely created within the sports and military culture that have zero to do with optimization of your brain, mindset and mental skills training. Improved focus, concentration and high performance from a mental perspective can only come through mental training so you can reach the next level.

Who i work with...

NFL and College football players, Soccer players, Triathletes, Cyclists, Ultra Runners, Thai Boxer and mountain climbers.

Læs denne artikel fra TV2 sport

Niclas Larsen World champion Thaiboxer

“Dorthe helped me be aware of things I would not normally think of in terms of nutrition and recovery, and have made an exact plan for my needs for my goals. She is unique in her field, and I am proud to have her along towards my dreams. She taught me the benefit of FLOW for my sport and in private life”

Michelle Vesterby - Pro tri-athlet

“Dorthe is a huge inspiration and made me think of my actions. There is always a good reason to look into the built in habits and see the opportunities to become an even better version”

The DATA ​- its ALL connected​

By using a series of comprehensive lab analysis we are able to get the individual high performance platform from the biomarkers on both physical and neurochemical tendencies.

From the exact data we know which obstacles the individual athlete has and how to navigate around it to optimize the potential. Guiding the athlete on the importance of the gut - brain connection, mitochondria and potential sources of inflammation.

We then add on specific customized mental skills training to the analysis we have, matched with the genetic brain and neurochemical data, that enable the athlete to have their best possible performance.

Even a slightly elevated dopamine level could lead to bad performance related decision making, likelihood of increased fatigue throughout the season, lack of focus and clarity and decreased motivation.​

"If you aren't testing you’re guessing "

Invest in your future

Are you ready toto reach your full potential? Protocol to peak performance? We create a program that fits your specific needs and goals, to help you be your best, with your secret potentials.

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

Helping you unlock your superpowers

- And limit mental pressure

Less injuries and better recovery

- Avoid the underlying risk of burnout

Peak performance when it matters

- The difference to make it or brake it!

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