​Do you want to stay at the top?

Gain more time, motivation, energy, focus and clarity of thought, and clear goal setting.

Knowing that you are on the right path, so you can limit the risk of decision fatigue, mental errors, burnout, cognitive overload, brain fog and stress.​

Complete analysis of all factors that contribute to high-performance

High performance for executives is not just about focusing on one area. It needs to include mental training combined with focus on nutrition, sleep, exercise protocols, caffeine and sugar intake, hormone analysis, awareness of neurochemicals as a performance tool (such as dopamine effect) and individualized DNA testing and analysis. 

Science has now proven that everything that is related to brain performance is directly connected to what we eat and drink (gut microbiome, inflammation), as well as how well and effectively we prepare physically to make sure the brain is firing (mitochondria and hormone regulation). Focusing only on the brain without looking deeply into all these aspects as well as specific DNA analysis (neurochemistry and food intolerances) will mean that it is scientifically impossible to reach your peak as an executive. 

In addition we help executives to use “FLOW” states to sharpen their focus, greatly improve productivity and reach goals rapidly. Combining all these elements together under one roof is the only way to reach the summit and stay there.

A 100% individualized plan

This is what you get out of an optimization protocol:

  • How to increase your productivity by 200%
  • Gaining more time with a tight schedule
  • Reduces stress and burnout
  • achieving things you previously thought impossible
  • Get precise clarity in your life and goals
  • Know the resources at your fingertips
  • Become aware of FLOW triggers
  • Think and act sharper
  • Understanding what is your ultimate performance manual

Your course will be composed according to your needs and wishes for optimization. I only offer courses, as upgrading physically and mentally is a development process that requires time and dedication.

How do we work together?​

Our key philosophy is that every individual has their own unique blueprint of information that needs to be addressed in order to find the untapped potential and identify possible limitations. We work through a complete protocol so that everything is built up and implemented for lasting results. Skipping steps or shortcuts for optimization dont work. Therefore, a programme is a minimum of 12 weeks.​

Before we enter into a collaboration, we have a conversation to make sure it is right for you.
See image below for what our complete protocol involves.

For further information feel free to send an email to; info@dorthehummel.dk

Invest in your future

Are you ready toto reach your full potential? Protocol to peak performance? We create a program that fits your specific needs and goals, to help you be your best, with your secret potentials.

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

Helping you unlock your superpowers

- And limit mental pressure

Less injuries and better recovery

- Avoid the underlying risk of burnout

Peak performance when it matters

- The difference to make it or brake it!

​​Hear what our clients are saying

A small selection of wonderful statements...


What every leader needs

 “As a leader, everyone should have someone like Dorthe, who can pull the strings together to ensure the best performance, and even more so someone with a holistic approach. I immediately felt a greater energy mentally and physically”

Kim Ulf Rehfeld Thoden

Group CEO at Moneyflow


I have moved quantum steps in a short time

 ”Not only did I regain the joy of the sport again, but I probably would never have gotten this far so quickly in my career without our work together. The professional world requires constant mental focus to avoid unnecessary mistakes, and I still expand my tools to become a better athlete.”

Hjalte Froholdt

NFL Cardinals


All information of MY best performance

 ”Dorthe does not hold back when it comes to knowledge for a better and healthier life. I love all the knowledge I gained in my programme, which gave me a really good understanding of what my body needs, and that the mental training and physical balance is the way to a healthier life”

Dennis Knudsen​

Hairdresser, make-up artist & owner House of Dennis Knudsen


What a transformation

The transformation has been so inspiring and the results so positive. I thought I was doing everything right but had all the classic signs of stress without knowing it. Dorthe helped me rebalance my body and change the negative story I told myself. She helped me implement strategies that produced visible results every week – strategies that have stuck around long after.​

​Melinda Johansen

General manager head of risk FLSmidth A/S


If only I had known all this 15 years ago..

 ”For me, it has been essential to get precise clarity about what my needs were to be able to perform at that level. It has made it easier to focus on what was important and has noticed a significant difference in my performance both professionally and in my sport”

Thomas Søndergaard

Director and elite cyclist

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