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The complete high-performance coach and elite mental trainer

Become the optimal version of yourself through complete high-performance training.​

Do you want to be at your best using the same approach as the elite in sport and business and become part of the top 1%?

A fast track of information

With a comprehensive and rapid collection of data and information to help you know your limits and your potential, enabling the best possible performance to break your own boundaries, saving you time, money and effort by finding your best personal algorithm.

It all starts with your brain! (Whether you are an athlete or an executive)

The brain uses 20-25% of your daily energy expenditure, spent on decisions, focus, and daily tasks.

So how you use that brain energy will directly affect your body. Why? because the brain is your body’s operating system, if the brain energy system tires, then your body follows suit.​ Simply put; a tired inefficient brain = a tired inefficient body.​

Complete high-performance training

Being a high performer can't be isolated down to one element, all elements have to be working synergistically.​

We combine mental training with the neuroscience behind ultimate human performance, then add on the information from the biomarkers in our testing to create this individual profile. The human body and brain are highly complex systems that are inextricably connected. (Neurochemistry and biochemistry). In order to help your brain perform at its best, mental skills training is not enough, other factors have to be looked into including: nutrition, sleep, physical activity and performance, stress, caffeine intake, hormonal factors as well with your DNA genetics.

By analyzing and aligning these factors, in combination with an individualized mindset approach, you are then able to improve mental focus, decision making and remove blockers such as decision fatigue, brain fog and crashes.

We help you reach your optimal state where you feel and perform at your best.

​DNA-potential and plan

A DNA profile is a concrete tool for understanding the foundation for optimal use of own resources. High performance is about achieving optimal balance, physically as well as mentally, professionally as well as privately. The potential is the perfect lifestyle where you enjoy, give, rest, and contribute to the maximum based on who you are, guided and aided by this unique process. 

We are passionate about unleashing enthusiasm and potential, uncovering blind spots and improving clients' energy levels. This path is through the hope of change — beyond the present moment — to persistent, life-enhancing habits.

Mental training and
​personal coaching

Although our motor (body) is our most important catalyst for optimal functioning, it will always only run at half-speed if there is no focus on mental balance and wellbeing. Here it is important to create awareness of our own patterns, habits,and beliefs, which can be an obstacle to the best version of ourselves. 

For more than 25 years, Dorthe Hummel has worked throughout the health industry, including working in dietary supplements, sports nutrition, coaching and mental training. She has helped clients from Denmark and overseas. 

She has taught in Matas (the Danish super chain) and pharmacies. As well as holding lifestyle workshops and lectures, management optimization courses and fine-tuning athletes. Along the way, she has run a health food business in the province and a nutrition clinic at one of Copenhagen's respected addresses, developed her own dietary supplement series for high performers and acted as therapist support at Nordic Laboratories. 

Give Dorthe a problem and a lifestyle – and she strives to find the best solution for you!

Invest in your future

Are you ready toto reach your full potential? Protocol to peak performance? We create a program that fits your specific needs and goals, to help you be your best, with your secret potentials.

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

Helping you unlock your superpowers

- And limit mental pressure

Less injuries and better recovery

- Avoid the underlying risk of burnout

Peak performance when it matters

- The difference to make it or brake it!

​​Hear what our clients are saying

A small selection of wonderful statements...


What every leader needs

 “As a leader, everyone should have someone like Dorthe, who can pull the strings together to ensure the best performance, and even more so someone with a holistic approach. I immediately felt a greater energy mentally and physically”

Kim Ulf Rehfeld Thoden

Group CEO at Moneyflow


I have moved quantum steps in a short time

 ”Not only did I regain the joy of the sport again, but I probably would never have gotten this far so quickly in my career without our work together. The professional world requires constant mental focus to avoid unnecessary mistakes, and I still expand my tools to become a better athlete.”

Hjalte Froholdt

NFL Cardinals


All information of MY best performance

 ”Dorthe does not hold back when it comes to knowledge for a better and healthier life. I love all the knowledge I gained in my programme, which gave me a really good understanding of what my body needs, and that the mental training and physical balance is the way to a healthier life”

Dennis Knudsen​

Hairdresser, make-up artist & owner House of Dennis Knudsen


What a transformation

The transformation has been so inspiring and the results so positive. I thought I was doing everything right but had all the classic signs of stress without knowing it. Dorthe helped me rebalance my body and change the negative story I told myself. She helped me implement strategies that produced visible results every week – strategies that have stuck around long after.​

​Melinda Johansen

General manager head of risk FLSmidth A/S


If only I had known all this 15 years ago..

 ”For me, it has been essential to get precise clarity about what my needs were to be able to perform at that level. It has made it easier to focus on what was important and has noticed a significant difference in my performance both professionally and in my sport”

Thomas Søndergaard

Director and elite cyclist

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