DNA based optimization
​for High Performers

Wouldn't it be great if you were born with a user manual to being the optimal version of yourself? Imagine if you knew exactly which fuel you ran best on. What challenges you could navigate around so they wouldn't limit you. Realising all of your potential of today to harness the best version of yourself tomorrow Optimization is for those who like to work at a high pace, who are constantly juggling many balls in the air and those who love to challenge themselves to the maximum in business or sports. 

Do you feel that the body is not responding any more as you want, that you dont have the energy you once did and are struggling to harness it when necessary? Particularly in high stress and high-performance moments when its most required. 

How? By using a science-based method for optimizing the body's performance based on the body's unique information that we have access to. 

This creates the perfect optimization package for you. As a management coach and career coach, I focus on helping you become an even better version of yourself. No matter who you are and what your goals and ambitions are, focusing on optimization is essential to all of us.

Through leadership coaching, I offer courses to ambitious business leaders who need a CEO coach. As well as individuals and athletes at all levels who are serious about their goals and want to achieve both professionally as well as privately, most importantly though you must be willing to make the necessary effort. If you want to hear more about how I as a management coach or mental trainer can help you, please contact me.

A 100% individualized plan

This is what you get out of an optimization protocol: 

  • How to increase your productivity by 200%
  • Gaining more time with a tight schedule
  • Reduces stress and burnout
  • achieving things you previously thought impossible
  • Get precise clarity in your life and goals
  • Know the resources at your fingertips
  • Become aware of FLOW triggers
  • Think and act sharper
  • Understanding what is your ultimate performance manual

Your course will be composed according to your needs and wishes for optimization. I only offer courses, as upgrading physically and mentally is a development process that requires time and dedication. 


1 hour consultations are available for those interested in only one of these elements, whether it be stress, physical performance, concentration or weight management and physical optimization.​

One step ahead - physically and mentally

For those of you who want to know the key to understanding your energy resources both mentally and physically and being able to tap into those reserves when it's needed the most. Read more about which tests could be relevant here.​

Individual courses:

Do you want a complete insight into how to find your saved resources so that you perform better, with maximum balance in a healthy body that can handle the pressure, with lots of motivation regardless of age and performance level. 

Or ensure you do not burn out and have your "longevity" in focus? On an individual program, you will gain insight into your DNA as a basis for minimizing limitations and optimizing your potential with the Cell based High Performance concept. 

You get full support throughout the 12 weeks (or more if needed) to be maximum optimized, with a focused process on both physical and mental optimization - no matter what your needs, challenges or goal consists of. 

If you want to hear more and if it is right for you, send an email at:​



  1. “Part time effort with full time outcome”

    What does it take to gain more time with a stressful everyday life? Learn how you can create more time, energy, motivation, and joy even if you have a hectic everyday life.
    ​This lecture may be supplemented with the course.

    Read more about the course HERE.

  2. Peak Performance and FLOW (as a performance secret) for high performing executives
    For leaders at all levels who want to ensure their best performance, potential and position - without burning out.

    ​Learn how to find extra resources in a pressured everyday life with sharper focus, more energy and balance, with the latest scientific research in peak FLOW performance and Cell Based Leadership Performance.

    ​Know your personal manual for the best performance, and the secret used among the elite in sports and business for an optimized everyday life - regardless of age.

    ​Read more about the course HERE.

Speeches for Sports performance

  • “The Optimization process for winners
    ​Achieve the unthinkable with the latest research on peak performance and the secret that determines the last 2%, helping you stay one step ahead of the opponent.
    ​​As an athlete, there is a sharp focus on training, recovery, injury prevention and technique, which is the basis for utilizing the talent.
    ​Several elements can either interfere with or limit this from being fully utilized when it counts, but the optimal best performance is about more than talent and physical focus.

    ​Get effective tools to optimize performance and create results that were previously unthinkable!


Management courses (or tailor-made courses to your needs)

Read more HERE.​

Personal training

As something new, training is now offered with HTC (Hummel Training Concept) and OYC (Optimized Yoga Concept) all with a focus on longevity.

The training is now offered as a supplement to individual customers in courses and is also carried out exclusively with personal training in your own setting (but only in the Copenhagen area).

Corporate training or yoga:

In addition, HTC and OYC can also be booked for employees in companies
​(also in the Copenhagen area) NOTE! Training will be in English! 

Read more about HTC and OYC HERE.

Are you ready to upgrade your life?

As a management coach, I offer courses and programs for ambitious business leaders who need a CEO coach as well as private individuals and athletes at all levels who are serious about their goals professionally as well as privately, and most importantly are willing to make the necessary effort.

How can we work together?

I work through a protocol so that everything is built up and implemented for lasting results. My experience is that skipping steps or shortcuts for optimization dont work. Therefore, a course is usually over 12 weeks (or 6 months) and the price depends on any options for the optimization. Before we enter into a collaboration, we have a conversation to make sure it is right for you.

Contact me and get a free clarifying session with a management coach

​You are welcome to book a free clarifying session at the link here.

Remember that you always have a 100% money-guarantee if after three months you have not achieved your goal set from the beginning of the course!

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me on  20 54 82 52 or write me an e-mail  info@dorthehummel.dk.

Learn more about how a life coach and mental trainer can help you

If you want to hear more about how I as a mental trainer and life coach can help you, or have enquires regarding the price courses,
​please contact me on 20 54 82 52 or e-mail info@dorthehummel.dk .

Invest in your future

AAre you ready to unlock your full potential and learn the winners

protocol to peak performance?

We create the program that fits your specific needs and goals,

to help you be your best, with your secret potentials.

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

Helping you unlock your mental super power

- And limit mental pressure

Less injuries and better recovery

- Avoid the underlying risk of burnout

Peak performance when it matters

- The difference to make it or brake it!

​Hør hvad mine klienter siger

Et lille udpluk af skønne udtalelser ...


Tak for hjælpen

 “Som leder burde alle have en som Dorthe der kan samle trådene, for at sikre den bedste performance, og i endnu højere grad en med holistisk tilgang. Jeg mærkede med det samme et større overskud mentalt og fysisk”

Kim Ulf Rehfeld Thoden

Group CEO at Moneyflow


Dybt taknemlig

 ”Dorthe holder sig ikke tilbage når det handler om viden til et bedre og sundere liv. Elsker alt den viden jeg fik i mit forløb, som gav mig en rigtig god forståelse af hvad min krop har brug for, samt at den mentale træning og fysiske balance er vejen til et sundere liv”

Dennis Knudsen

Frisør, make-up artist & owner House of Dennis Knudsen


Tak for dig

 ”For mig har det været essentielt at få præcis klarhed for hvad der var mine behov for at kunne performe på det niveau. Det har gjort det nemmere at fokusere på det der var vigtigt, og har kunne mærke en betydelig forskel på min performance både professionelt og i min sport”

Thomas Søndergaard​

Direktør og elite cykelrytter


Tak til dig

 ”Jeg har lært at blive skarp på mine tanker og derved styre mine følelser som øger min kontrol, selvtillid og fokus. Fået bedre indblik i hvad min krop har brug for og derved kunne mindske mental melt-down i løbet af dagen. Kan anbefale det til alle der har brug for et spark bagi for at komme videre”

Anders Rasmussen​

Invest analytics


Tak for hjælpen

 ”Alle nye tiltag jeg har taget har givet bonus! Jeg sover som en drøm nu, kæmper mindre med inflammationer og kan se mine forbedringer på søvn og restituering på min tracking med mit Whoop strap”

​Lasse Holm

Selvstændig og eleite crossfit atlet​


Tak for hjælpen

 ”Transformationen har været så inspirerende og resultaterne så positive.
Jeg troede, at jeg gjorde alt rigtigt, man havde alle de klassiske tegn på stress uden at vide det.
Dorthe hjalp mig med at genbalancere min krop og ændre den negative historie, jeg fortalte mig selv. Hun hjalp mig med at implementere strategier, der gav synlige resultater hver uge - strategier, der har holdt fast længe efter”

Merlinda Johansen​

 General manager head of risk FLSmidth A/S

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